Tone Butt & Legs Body Ball Workout, Fitness Training Tammy

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Friend us @ Tone Butt & Legs Body Ball Workout, Fitness Training Tammy Five minute body ball exercise routine to t…

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Anil Jane says:

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Ruwan Adasooriya says:

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Shahee Hanan says:

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Se Brc says:

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Katie01967 says:

@Emuniz26 there are 3 common sizes of balls. Use the 90 degree rule-When
you are seated on the ball, feet flat on the floor, you want your hips and
knees to form a 90 degree angle with one another. A ball 55cm or 21″
usually fits a persons 5′ 3″ or less. Those 5′ 4″ to 5’9″ normally use a
65cm (25″) ball. Those 5′ 10″ and taller use a 75cm (29″) ball.

pinoy733 says:

thank you tam. u just made me quit on my gym. i’ll stay at home and follow
your exercise.

skyhulk44 says:

i don hv a ball );

soufwesthoustontx says:

lol. Sorry for laughing if you were serious.

Michelle Kalhorn says:

I love that “ball pass” exercise (even though currently I can only do 5 of
them), and the ball squat against the wall. Thanks for making these. I have
this one plus 5 of your others and I’m doing all of them in sequence.

parisianna87 says:

10. Dollars yeh right

mrsemosykes2255 says:

Lol your ball is large(((:

SunnyD89 says:

tammy awesome workout great and ideal for beginners u shud make a possible
circuit training video so we as the viewers can see how well u do each
exercise and also how well ur cardiovascular endurance is 1 final thing u
have beautiful legs bring back ur shorts just a suggestion

antonio211000 says:

nice job

Jamie Hendrickson says:

Wow these workouts are awesome! I was trying to find workout videos online,
but couldn’t seem to find anything, so I thought I’d try YouTube and voila!
Here’s Tammy with a great down to earth personality wearing practically the
same outfit I’m wearing and doing these awesome basic workouts! I couldn’t
stop with just one, I think I did them all! :D Thank you so much Tammy! :)

craffte says:

‘something HAPPENS’ , I meant to say.

mrsemosykes2255 says:

DONT BRAG ABOUT TALLNESS!!! Im short..really short..)):

LdyWolf says:

I like it! You could even call it something like “Past times” or “Favorite
Past Times” There’s my contribution;) Wish I had money to contribute. Hmmm
wonder if you could get a grant for this??

jiya101 says:

Actually i am trying to conceive and m on treatment…meanwhile i want to
reduce fats from my thighs and belly…Would these excercises be safe for
me if i do them? I would love to practise them if they r not harmful for my
fertility issue…

Courtenay Knowles says:

i love your workouts and i think you make great use of the fitness ball but
wen i do the last exercise (the pass over or something) , when i do that
exercise the matt moves beneath me , like really ruches under my head and
neck n down to my shoulders , how do i prevent this..x

o6dude says:

because your abs recuperate way faster than all the other muscles, which
need about 36h (depends on the training) to recuperate

Friggin Paco says:

@Emuniz26 look on the box to see what size ball to get, you should do the
workout everyother day so that on the days you dont do the video your
musels time to relax and build up

summo55 says:

Yeh, it’s the Earth-Ball … with lots of clouds over all the water

Corey Wiley says:

I have Ideas for a self cultivation center a place that is a mix between a
gym and a library a space that is reserved as an kept open to all economic
levels in a spirit of democratic, liberal free place to self cultivate,
there could be computers for people to use, a place for teachers and
professors to give free lessons and teaching..there could be rooms in this
place for people to practice music and musical instruments for there
use…as well as a stage performance area in perpetual open mic

andrews23451 says:

@o6dude how do you know they need 36h???

Friggin Paco says:

@andrews23451 thats bull, you need to give your musels at least 24h of rest
before the next exrcise

TheFatslim09 says:

Tammy, I’ve had 7 back surgeries on my lower back, and i was wondering if
you could let me know what exercises would be best for me to do?

Friggin Paco says:

@laylasbigsis for some a chair will work but not all

raj sumii says:

Yep I agree. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your
age to kill your belly. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building
champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.
worth watch here now

o6dude says:

aight, keep working :) no, i tried it but i get acne if i take protein
powder :p

Brenda Juba says:

I did the one where you lift the ball up with your legs and it flug
backwards and hit my desk:)

o6dude says:

you can train your abs every day but you got to give the rest of your
muscles at least 1 day rest ;)

verity thomass says:

I love this workout!

Andriy Boyarev says:

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bibian1109 says:

psychetruth why i cant play all your vedeo.i have recoreded to my cp before
but my sim is already damage so i want to record it again but always an
error 0ccured.pls help

skyperz888 says:

I REALLY ENJOY THIS VIDEO its lots of fun and i am felling the burn thank

Deniza Mustafić says:


keshab sharma says:

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bubilikutza says:


andrews23451 says:

@o6dude ok thanks! i’m trying to reduce my fat so i can see my lower abs
(it takes time though and i finding hard to…)!!

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