Nutrition That Gets You Results – Fitness Model & Trainer Jeff Denton

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Close | I get a lot of question about my diet and nutrition, so I thought I would make a video for you guys explaining what has given …

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Alen Georgeson says:

Great video, but the whole “acidity” and pH balance stuff is bullshit. Look
it up. There’s no evidence that foods can make your more “alkaline”. Our
body always stays at the same pH, otherwise you’d drop dead in seconds.
Jason Blaha and Alan Aragon have discussed this and pretty much bashed it.
Other than that, I agree with you.

Roger ROBINSON says:

Hi my name is ROG I saw ur u tube & wondering how u can help me I’m 42
years old I’m about 560 in body weight I’m 6’4 in height my problem is I
can’t stop eating what can I do to change my life style please help 

Vicky Willpowerfitness says:

Great video :*

santos Ventura says:

I’m to subscribe but wont allow me to :(

BarberQuestStudent says:

Good shit… I just started taking vitamin B complex… how important is it

JeffDentonFit TV says:

Thanks for watching buddy. And B-complex can be excellent if you are
training hard as they will help convert food to energy, repair cells in
the body, and balance cholesterol. You can get them all from food if you
eat lots of leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, and nuts. Otherwise a
supplement can help fill any gaps you may be missing

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