Live Chat with Dr. Bellonzi – Nutrition, fitness and wellness Q&A

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Live Chat with Dr. Bellonzi – Nutrition, fitness and wellness Q&A. Share information the the author of Health Recklessly Abandoned.

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Raed Darouaz says:

Try the 4 day fat loss it’s for only 27$ for a limited time with 60 days
100% money back guarantee , don’t miss the chance guys !!

Mthwa Tungata says:

Dr. Bellonzi, what’s your take on canned pilchards? I eat tons of them as
you don’t have to cook them.

Joseph1NJ says:

A tip on raising HDL from personal experience: try eating avocado, not
everyday, but start with just 1 or 2 a week, especially in place of other
fats. That assumes your total cholesterol is fine, as it does add to the
total lipid amount, but should not effect LDL or triglycerides. Also,
avocados are very calorie dense with fat, if you’re concerned with weight,
adjust your calories accordingly.

GentleHeart001 says:

I like learning about being healthy but sometimes you just do need modern
medical care. My friend had skin cancer, instead of seeing a doctor, she
choose to see a homeopath (being a homeopath is not regulated in my state,
anyone can say they are one) and eat herbs, by the time she realized the
herbs, essential oils and perfect clean eating weren’t working it was too
late. The cancer had spread through her body. She lingered on for about a
year in horrible pain and died a shell of herself.

thenomadrhodes says:

Thank you Doc! I’d love to able to visit your clinic one day.

Fast Track Health and Fitness says:

Here is the link for the live chat with Dr. Bellonzi
Live Chat with Dr. Bellonzi – Nutrition, fitness and wellness Q&A

Missyplaymate3 says:

Thank you

Daniel T says:


jasjas11 says:

remember guys

S Ann says:

LOL! Hi Doc! lol, he loves us! he just can’t leave.

jasjas11 says:

be patient and set goals

Zara T says:

What is he looking at?

S Ann says:

logging your food intake is a good jump off start though to get in the
habit of being “aware” of what you intake. thanks!

Cheerychipmonk says:

Thanks Dr. Bellonzi

Mark Handberg says:

Thank you!

S Ann says:

If you are going to eat fish…then eat sardines.

Lina Ali says:

Thank you for your time! :)

Daniel T says:

yay thanks for answering all the questions have a fun weekend everybody

S Ann says:

@ Christian: yeah, I’ve heard a LOT about milk thistle for liver cleansing
as well.

Lina Ali says:

Is having breakfast for dinner better?

hawknest01 says:

thumbs up – like.

Daniel T says:

i wonder where the dr’s cowboy hat in the picture of the live chat is

Daniel T says:

* puts up game of thrones celebratory decorations in prep for sunday*

Christian Thomsen says:

Milkthistle seed extract should strengthen liver i read.

Zara T says:

I love this channel as well.

S Ann says:

lots of people dying of cirrhosis! from it

Daniel T says:


S Ann says:

awesome. thank you for addressing my ?’s

Slurp says:

so glad i subscribed to this channel!!!!

S Ann says:

intestinal flora balance

S Ann says:

so, basically it’s a “syndrome” or symptom, maybe?

S Ann says:

so, generalized terminology…hmmm, that’s what it always seems like to
me…yeah, it seems to be “overused”

jasjas11 says:

ok cya guys

Zara T says:

I only drink around 60 oz. It’s more in the summer

S Ann says:

hate being places that tell me I can’t bring my water with me for hours &
hours at a time…people need to stay hydrated.

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