Get the moves! Reggaeton: Easy Step Breakdown

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Master your reggaeton with this step by step breakdown! Then, show off your new moves at a live class near you. To find schedules and locations of local Zumb…

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Marcella Sanchez Waite says:

what song is this ? 

Mercedes Sofia says:

I am not joking … Let’s do it ;-)

nina says:

What are the best gym shoe to wear went you’re doing this kind of exercise 

Salma Leila says:


Γεωργία Παπαγεωργοπούλου says:

Zumba for ever <3

Sm bindash says:

nice really

Santha Sathivelu says:

I luv it

Last Step says:


HD4Quality says:

To regular folks who want to lose weight–but can’t get started. Go and
Google Skinnimaker System right away.

Stephie B says:

I already see me doing this at a club

AABresil Dora de Paula says: ZUMBA CLASSES in Paris!

jjina1120 says:

I love Z.U.M.B.A!!!

Mk. Rigan says:


Kai Beng Tracy says:

Its Las Gatitas :)

leah km says:

Easy to sis you got everything..the look , the body and the

Juliana Lima says:

Las Gatitas

amio1920 says:

Thanks love for dance

Beatriz Barbosa says:

Alguem sabe o nome da musica ?

Jeanine Austin says:

Thank you!!

allthatca says:

She’s good!!

Heather Thompson says:

What CD? I didn’t see it on the Zumba site.

mo Alam says:

Oh my God!! I love this girl!! She is good, cute and so adorable :)

Cecil Massey says:

This is getting embarrassing Zumba! This is so far from what Reggaeton is
in terms of attitude and music Argh!

Pat Leneck says:

Hi-it’s Las Gatitas from mix 36. Pat

Iulia Muresan says:


Claudia Sosa says:

Omgggggggg I love Zumba

endna p says:

Great moves!

Sylvanas Windrunner says:

She is so fucking amazing <3

Jemma Jones says:

It will be in the shop section…

sandra kasandra says:

Ilove zumba M O R O C O

Abigail Montero says:

Thank you, very nice

joanne zoumbanioti says:

do you know which song is it? great moves :D

sosasabrosa12345 says:


Morena Farias says:

Gostei dessa, fácil de aprender e cansa, queima calorias e cansa como
qualquer outra dança :D #Zumba

ShannonCat says:

love this but remember that a lot of people don’t have good dance shoes and
it might be good to show alternative move if their shoes stick to the floor
during the travel part of knee lift and twist

seabreezes54 says:

ZIN Vol 36.

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