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How do Astronauts stay in shape for long-duration missions in a weightless environment? Learn this and how elite athletes staying fit in a special Google+ Hangout Wednesday, July 17. NASA…

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Doug Watkins says:


All These Worlds Are Yours says:

Question for NASA: Are there photos of Mars at night? All the photos I have
seen are in the daytime, which makes sense. But surely there must be some
night-photos? Or is there a reason why not? Thanks.

Abdul Maklad says:

lol i thought it was start 3pm eastern time

Masterpg2007 says:

Do they even lift in the space ?

Lunchbox Doctor says:

Great to make Dad’s aware of just how early we need to get what we feed our
kids right.

Brian Grojean says:

Quesiton for all: What work out regiment would you recommend for a person 1
month into their lifestyle change? Cardio and strength?

NatRock BSA says:

A Technological GYM OoO

TheMrlukeeduke says:


Nickolas Koutsouas says:


Lunchbox Doctor says:

Dad’s are great role models. Men’s Health – thumbs up to you!

Abdul Maklad says:

Ive been here for 20 min

Masterpg2007 says:

Do thet even lift on space ?

Abdul Maklad says:

Question: What does centrifugal exercises help in astronaut training?

Masterpg2007 says:

Agreed with Arizona IcedTeamyfavdrink

TrappingWithEdgar says:

Tall Whites Area 51

MiladD25 says:


mathias berntzen says:

First to not care….

Masterpg2007 says:


TheMrlukeeduke says:

But I’m to lazy for exercise D:

smok wedsmok says:

i thnk this bald huy is an alien shapeshifter workuing for the government

All These Worlds Are Yours says:

Stars? There must be some photos…

Jimmy Jump says:

Great Tips for better training.

pati pat says:

Cameras don´t get the stars on photos. That the reason that you can´t see
any stars on the photo of the Apollo 11 Mission Photo of the Flag. And why
should NASA make photos by night on mars ? the would not see anything or
just a little bit because the moon does not shines bright enough. (sorry
for my english :) )


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Derek Picha says:

@Brian Grojean it is relatively simple. You want to get about 30 min of
cardio most days of the week, combined with three to four days of strength
training. Mix it up and keep an eye on HR.

spiderevo says:

Im waiting lol

All These Worlds Are Yours says:

Apollo 11 was 45 years ago… I think modern cameras can do it without too
much trouble.

Vukašin Djordjevic Srpski cigan says:


VanMedia says:

This question is for mike hopkins. Mike i heard that you got an offered to
play for the Denver Broncos but you turned it down to pursue you dream of
being an astronaut, was that a hard decision?

Masterpg2007 says:

I thought I was gonna see some guys doing bench press and squats on

Markus S says:



so earth is really round ?

smok wedsmok says:

do you even lift bro?

commander402 says:

hello! great video thanks this spark of pending friend take care greetings
ok ..?

Brian Grojean says:

Suni is awesome!


so from football to space hm

Manuel Berrocal says:

1 reproducion

smok wedsmok says:

obama has alien shapeshifters working for him

NatRock BSA says:

hmm… I need to start working out to be the first space model

Mario César Bandeira says:


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